Wakeboard Trick Wheel

Update on 22 December 2014.
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Wheel of luck games for Wake Boarding!

When you are wakeboarding, how many times have you challenge your friends to do an awesome wakeboard tricks on the kicker? Wakeboard Trick Wheel provide you a nice design wheel of luck games that you can use to test your self or your friends!

It is simple and fun, just spin the wheel and whatever tricks came out, it has to be done! There are lots of way to challenge your friends with a funny wheel of luck games.

• very nice and carefully design graphics and user interface.
• wakeboarding grab position guide for your spin result.
• recent activity list when you play with many friends.
• 3 difficulty level for beginner, intermediate and advanced rider.
• handy wakeboarding grab position guide.

Available on

   • iPhone
   • iPad
   • Android

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