Monster Whac!

Update on 27 March 2015.
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Touch Action Game!

Monsters have invaded! please help us wipe them out before they are overwhelmed!

Monster Whac is a free-to-play and easy touch action game, however it will gradually become harder while the game is continuing. Unlike others we have included many challenges that may surprise you.

Not only have fun to play and watch but also you can compete your friends with your high scores and find out who will come out on top in the ladder board! (Facebook login is required)

Note: Data network connection is required to login and play the game.

• Score competition (Facebook login required)
• Quirky character
• Simplicity
• Easily access
• Appealing humour

Pick up and play Monster Whac! a non stop action game with full of humour. It is perfect for your short break, whenever you are in the bus, train, toilet or meeting room!

Available on

   • iPhone
   • iPad
   • Android

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